Our Food Pantry is currently our largest program.  Since the onset of the Pandemic in March of 2020, food insecurity has increased 125%.  We have provided free groceries for nearly 15,000 family from April to November of 2020.


Over 600k people have reported being homeless over the last few years in the USA, In addition, two-thirds of Americans have experienced being homeless at some point in their life. This is an epidemic that can and will be eliminated. GCO will strive to reach out to those in need of housing as well as food to ensure that they are secure and that their basic needs are met.

Financial Freedom

It is important for people to be self-sufficient and have the opportunity to live a debt free lifestyle.  GCO will offer workshops, stragegies, and tools to assist the community in an effort for all to attain financial freedom.

Senior Services

Our Seniors are our most precious gift.  They also represent nearly 15% of the USA population and growing daily.  However, many times Seniors are neglected and are not well cared for.  GCO will place value on the Seniors and provide support to assist with daily living, transportation, food, housing, etc.

Youth Services

The youth are our present and our future.  There are more young people dying on a daily basis than Senior citizens.  Attending funerals for our elderly and Seniors have decreased, while funerals for youth have increased.  The youth are to be nourished, trained, guided and led so that they are not a statistic but a role model for others.  GCO wants to nurture and develop our youth so that they are ready to become the future entrepreneurs and leaders to guide the world!

Veteran Services

There are approximately 22 million military veterans who served the USA.  They represent close to 10% of the population.  However many times they are left behind.  Sometimes Veterans are unable to find work due to injury or have problems with post-military transition.  It becomes important to ensure that those who made it possible for us to live a free life are also cared for.  GCO supports Veterans and will create programs and opporotunities to showcase Veterans and assist them.

Music and Arts

Music and the Arts are sometimes forgotten as we focus more and more on technology and the latest gadgets and innovations.  Music and Art assist with development in many areas including cognitive skills, critical thinking skills, teamwork, and concentration.  This is not just for children; studies have show that patients with dementia and Alzheimer can benefit from exposure to arts and music as well.  Arts and Music appreciation and education are for people of all ages.  GCO will offer various Arts and Music opportunities including camps and workshops to encourage creative arts for all.


Education has become one of the most powerful tools to assist with the gap between living in poverty and living a higher class lifestyle.  Having access to education can mean all of the difference in society today.  Having the right skill set can assist with success in the long term.  GCO will provide training and workshops that will assist with skill building assist the community through outside resources with attaining their educational dreams.